Who is Rubicon?


Richard brings an exceptional level of knowledge, understanding and expertise to his clients’ diverse range of Body Corporate Management needs.

  • Prior to founding RUBICON, Richard worked for over 15 years with the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management (BCCM). He held the position of Manager, Conciliation Services when it was first established in the Office of the Commissioner of Body Corporate and Community Management.
  • In his time in government, Richard engaged exclusively in the field of body corporate law and practise, and has undertaken senior positions prior to that in the Office of the Referee, Building Units and Group Titles.
  • Strata Community Manager of the Year Award Winner 2018


Darren is degree qualified, holds a Certificate IV in Body Corporate Management, and is an SCA Accredited Strata Community Manager, the industry accredited qualification for practising body corporate managers.

  • Prior to joining RUBICON, Darren had a long and successful career in the publishing industry where he held the position of executive publisher for an international publisher.
  • His experience coordinating various stakeholders, managing effective business relationships and client communication strategies are well suited to managing strata communities.  Darren is a co-Director of RUBICON.

Christine Partridge - Body Corporate Manager

Christine is a Body Corporate Manager and brings a unique set of professional skills and a deep understanding of the legislative framework of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act.

  • Prior to joining RUBICON, Christine worked over 17 years with the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management (BCCM) and held the position of Manager, Information Service in the Office of the Commissioner.
  • Extensive legislative knowledge of the BCCM and its application to bodies corporate.


The vision of RUBICON Body Corporate Services is to greatly exceed the expectations of its clients, delivering a high standard of body corporate management service and expertise. At RUBICON, we’re passionate about:

  • Higher standards of legislative knowledge, expert body corporate and strata information and advice.
  • Higher quality, more professional, and client focused body corporate services and management.
  • Higher accountability; body corporate management delivered with accuracy and integrity

In short, Rubicon will do better, and strives to better serve the growing needs of bodies corporate in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and greater South East Queensland, guaranteeing high quality, professionally assured body corporate and strata management and associated services.


RUBICON Body Corporate Services will provide to its body corporate clients:

  • Superior, boutique body corporate management services and strata expertise.
  • Honesty, integrity, and accountability in all client dealings and interactions.
  • Services that go ‘above and beyond’ those offered by other body corporate managers.
  • A personal client relationship based on partnership and mutually beneficial interest.

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