Update My Postal or Email Address

Update My Postal or Email Address

If your email address and / or postal address (your address for receiving all body corporate correspondence and levies) has or is about to change, it is very important that you advise us immediately, so that we can update the body corporate records, to ensure that you continue to receive all correspondence and contribution notices we send to you on behalf of the body corporate.

If you fail to notify us of a change in your postal address or email address for receiving correspondence or notices, you might not receive important body corporate information including:

  1. Notices and minutes of body corporate meetings (which might affect your ability to know of, or attend meetings);
  2. Contribution Notices (which might mean that you become un-financial, and lose your right to vote at meetings);
  3. Other important information (you might not be informed of important body corporate information sent to all owners).

To Change Your Postal Address:

Your change of postal address details on the body corporate roll must be in writing. Please send us an email to contact us to notify us of your change of postal / email address details. You will need to include the following details:

  • Your full name and Body Corporate lot or unitĀ number;
  • The name and address of your Body Corporate ;
  • Your new or future postal address for allĀ correspondence.
  • Note that you may include an email address for contact purposes, but notices and correspondence cannot be sent to you via email, and will continue to be sent to your postal address.