Strata Management through Rubicon Body Corporate Services

RUBICON Body Corporate Services is committed to delivering unparalleled strata management services to your Body Corporate; through the provision of experienced strata managers and a deep knowledge of the strata and Body Corporate environment your Body Corporate and its committee members will benefit from our client-focused services, and informed and practical advice that will assist your Body Corporate with their decision making processes.

How does our strata MANAGEMENT company support your Body Corporate committee?

RUBICON will provide to your Body Corporate the “agreed” strata services of secretarial, financial and administrative services which are within the usual role of all body corporate managers.  RUBICON will convene the AGM, and the agreed number of committee members, each year.  We will attend the AGM and guide the committee and body corporate with the legislative requirements to ensure their validity, and of the election of the committee at each AGM.

Following such meetings, we will prepare the minutes, and distribute the minutes to owners. RUBICON will attend to the financial administration of your Body Corporate including issuing all contribution notices, paying invoices, and operating Body Corporate bank accounts as instructed by the committee, and most importantly, ensuring that the body corporate remains insured at all times.

At appropriate times, we will prepare all body corporate financial statements, including budgets and annual statements of account.  RUBICON will maintain all required rolls and registers on behalf of the body corporate, ensuring ownership records are up to date. Subject to agreement, RUBICON will provide to your Body Corporate any additional services which your Body Corporate requests us to


Rstrata managementUBICON will bring to your Body Corporate an additional range of strata skills which we consider most other managers simply don’t possess, and which will benefit both your Body Corporate and its committee members on an ongoing basis.

These additional strata skills and abilities include:

  • Legal qualifications and industry-specific experience;
  • Accurate and incisive legislative knowledge, and advice on its practical interpretation;
  • Expert dispute resolution skills and experience, thus minimising or preventing disputes;
  • More responsive client service, information and knowledge – service is a priority to us;
  • Accuracy and clarity of all financial statements for all end users;
  • Prepare GST and taxation reporting;
  • Manage and coordinate insurance claims efficiently and in short time frames;
  • Innovative strata technology and owner portal MyCommunity.


Appointing Rubicon Corporate Body Strata MANAGEMENT Services

RUBICON can guide the Body Corporate through the change process and appointing us as your new strata manager for the Body Corporate. The process of change is straight forward and we can support the Body Corporate every step of the way by our initial competitive strata management agreement, writing the required appointment motion for the annual general meeting and managing a smooth transition once appointed.

Contact us today and learn much about RUBICON Body Corporate Services and our approach to strata management.